Time to Resize?

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Downsizing – perhaps the idea has crossed your mind, and you’re wondering if it would be the right decision for you. The very thought of leaving the home you raised your family, built memories and put your heart and hard work into own can be very emotional – even knowing where to begin can be daunting!


If downsizing is an option you are considering, there must be a reason why.

Your children have grown and purchased their first homes, wishing to host birthdays and holidays.

The cleaning and upkeep has become very time consuming – imagine having lots of extra time to enjoy a good book or a weekend away!

Perhaps you are just simply ready for a change – there is a new home out there that will fit all of your needs!


A popular trend among the baby boomer generation are condominiums (yes, you read that correctly!) Condos are not what they used to be – did you picture an apartment type unit when you first read that? Nowadays, there are lots of different styles, options and communities to choose from – making them a great alternative while still having control over your living space (something you do not get with renting!)

Much of the upkeep is included in monthly condo fees. Some common services include:

·         Building and ground maintenance

·         Landscaping

·         Snow removal

·         Building insurance

·         Garbage removal

·         Community elements, such as common rooms and pools


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